Protoplates Front Panels

D-Shell Connector Cutouts

We have made many hundreds of different panels of all shapes and sizes, and has been our experience that after round and rectangles holes, the 9 pin D-shell connector is the most common shape that we create: it also seems to be the shape that most concern our customers.

The 9 pin d-shell has come a long way since it`s original use an RS232 and MDA/VGA connector. It is now used use in a variety of other custom applications. The connectors and their tools are inexpensive, durable, and readily available which is what continues to make them a popular choice for hardware designers.

In the table below we provide design files for D-shell connectors: we have tested these files and know them to provide a good fit for a male/female connection.

If you need to create a professional looking panel, especially if it's a product that you are selling, it is very hard to cut a nice, clean, D-shell cutout without having special tools. If you do these cutout yourself with a drill and file, it`s going to be time consuming, and may not look very clean.

We accurately CNC cut all of d-shell cutouts, and they will add to the professional appearance of your panels.

9 pin D-shell

DXF file for the 9 pin D-shell connector cutout as shown here: Click Here.

D-shell cut-out with connector This is small panel cutout with a female 9 pin D-shell connector in place. Notice that there is a small gap between the connector and the cutout.

This picture shows a male 9 pin D-shell connector partially engaged over the female connector shown above. Notice in this picture that the small gap between the female connector and the panel cutout leaves space for the male connector to fit down over the female connector.

We have had customers provide cutouts that fit snuggly over the female connector only to find that when they assembly their hardware the male connectors will not press down fully over the female.

This picture shows the male connector fully engaged over the 9 pin female D-shell connector.
Overlay cut-out for 9 pin D-shell

This picture shows the suggested matching overlay cutout for a 9 pin D-shell. In this example, the cutout for the two mounting holes has been combined with the main D-shell shape. This is not always necessary, and we can cut the overlay with separate mounting holes, but the overlay between the holes and D cutout is very thin.

Creating the cutout shape with Adobe Illustrator can also be a bit of problem because the newer versions to not seem to properly load paths from dxf format files. We provide a full scale Illustrator file that you can use for your panel artwork below:

9 pin D-shell shape for Illustrator (Version 10, will work with others).


You can use the same 9 pin D shell cutout for both a male and female connector because the engaged fit is the same regardless of which connector is actually mounted to the panel.