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Front panel with LCD window and keypad

Custom Aluminum Front Panels with Clear LCD Windows and Keypad Areas.
Fast Delivery.
Lower Cost, More Colors, and Faster Delivery then Silk Screened Lexan Overlays.


Welcome to Protoplates | Custom Front Panels & Graphic Overlay Experts

Protoplates manufactures custom front panels and graphic overlays for electronic enclosures and instrument panels. We specialize in providing fast deliveries suitable for both prototyping and low volume production. We can help you with both the mechanical and graphic design of your panels.

Our standard custom front panels and overlay packages are listed at the bottom of this page. Please send us a note, or call us at 905-847-2598 to discuss your application if it does not does not fit into one of the standard front panel packages in the list.

If you have a design drawings and/or artwork ready for your panels, you can order online using our secure payment system. We accept all major credit cards and PayPal, and ship worldwide with either UPS or Postal delivery.

Applications for front and rear panels and overlays include:

  • Electrical/Electronic instrumentation, controls, and devices.
  • Electronic communication equipment.
  • Computer system front and rear back panels.
  • 19 inch panel plates - 1U, 2U and 3U make for many different applications.
  • Audio devices, vacuum tube amplifiers, and signal processing equipment including guitar effect boxes.
  • Video games and vending machines.

The following sections provide more details about our company and the services and products we can provide you.

Custom Front Panels

We customize aluminum panels for all enclosure types including Hammond, Bud, Elma, Rose, Box and Lansing Enclosures to name a few. The Hammond 1455 Series and the Hammond 1402 Series are popular and versatile extruded aluminum enclosures, and we can manufacture custom end plates, and customize the top and bottom cover plates.

Customized Hammond 1455 panel

The sample custom front panels above is a combination black and clear satin finished overlay and a custom aluminum panel for a Hammond type box. The 5 smaller circles are LED windows.
A panel like this can be delivered to you in two to four days -- our standard delivery.
See package PP-B1 below.

Customized Hammond 1455 panel

The sample panel above is a combination black and clear satin finished overlay and a custom aluminum panel for a Hammond type box.
A panel like this can be delivered to you in two to four days -- our standard delivery.
See package PP-B1 below.

Panel Customization Service

Send us the panels from your stock enclosures and we will customize them for you, providing precision machined holes, cut-outs, and a matching graphic overlay. We can also purchase the enclosures, customize them, and ship them to you as a completed package. We stock many of the Hammond 1455 panel sizes for your convenience.

Front panel with LCD window and keypad

Front Panels with Crystal Clear LCD Windows and Keypads

The panel at left measures 8 x 11 inches (203 x 280mm) on 1/8 inch (3mm) aluminum, and has both a clear poly carbonate window for an LCD display and a keypad area. We have carefully chosen materials and developed a process to produce beautiful panels looking identical to silk screened Lexans overlays, but as an improvement can also provide a full range of digitally printed colors at no extra cost.
Call us for pricing and details.
19 inch rack panels

19 Inch Rack Enclosure Panels

The panels at left are the front and back panels for a Hammond 2U height enclosure, part number RM2U1908VBK. The customer provided the graphics, and we helped them with the artwork and panel layouts. These panels are made from black graphic overlays over the aluminum front panels. They will fit perfectly with your custom front panels design and requirements.

Die Cast and Plastic Enclosures Customized

Customized Enclosure

Plastic Enclosures

  • Accurately machined holes and cutouts.
  • Custom front overlay.
  • Custom side overlays on a machined aluminum decorative panel. The side panels look like engraved anodized panels but are much faster to deliver and far less expensive.


Die Cast Enclosures


Die Cast Aluminum Enclosures

  • Accurately machine and drilled holes on 3 faces of enclosure. Low to mid volume production at competitive prices and very quick turn around's.
  • The enclosure at left is for a popular guitar effect pedal.


Front panel with graphic overlay. 2U size.

Large 5U Size Panels for Medical and Laboratory Equipment

The panel at left is an example of a 5U size panel. The panel is from Buckeye Enclosures.

silk screened panel

We can also provide professionally painted and silk-screened panels for larger volume production quantities, or where silk-screening is preferred over our laminate overlays.

The panel shown at left is a sample of one manufactured for Briel Computers

Please contact us to discuss your application or for a quote and more details. We lookforward to helping you with your custom front panels and graphic overlay needs.

Anodizing sample

We can also provide professional anodizing for all panels at a reasonable cost.

The picture shown at left is a sample of an aluminum faceplate panel which has been black anodized. Note how the edges of the panel, holes, and countersink holes are all black. This custom front panel was custom anodized after it was manufactured.

Please contact us to discuss your application or for a quote and more details about our anodizing service.

lcdwindow Click to enlarge

Large LCD Window and Keypad Panel

Great Looking Graphic Overlays

Our graphic overlays are manufactured from a durable laminate material that we have carefully chosen and tested to have the look, feel, and durability of silk-screened Lexan - but at a lower cost and with a much faster delivery. Combining the graphic overlay with a precision manufactured custom front panel will make your product or prototype look professional and production ready.

Panel sample 1 picture Panel sample 2 picture

Fast Service

Our customers are engineers, technicians, technologists, electricians and electronic enthusiasts who can't wait weeks to see their designs completed, and that's why our standard front panel express service can typically ship your prototypes within 3-4 working days of receiving your custom front panels and design details.

Use Your CAD Files. No Special Software required to order from Protoplates

Send us your dwg or dxf files and we will accurately manufacture your panels: you do not need to download and learn any special CAD software to order panels from Protoplates. See some helpful design tips and notes on D-shell cut-outs.
We accept DXF, Illustrator, SW, and most common CAD files, so you do not need to learn and special CAD software. We also accept Front Panel Designer files if you are looking for an alternative to Front Panel Express.

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Protoplates specializes in custom front panels & graphic overlays and is a service of Smart Electronics Corp.